Theodoor Van Thulden 17C Flemish Old Master Oil Copper Flight To Egypt COA

17th century oil painting on copper by one of the most important Flemish painters of the era, Theodoor Van Thulden. The work shows a scene from the bible titled "Flight into Egypt" where the Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus and Joseph are guided by angels into this country for safety. King Herod the Great, after having heard from the three wise men that a child was just born who would become the new King of the Jews, ordered the slaughter of every newborn in Jerusalem. Includes a notary certified Copy dated May 28 1974 (Hamburg Germany) of the Certificate of Expertise #2781 from Jean Ronfort (Expert D'Art - Paris France) dated March 29, 1948 authenticating the painting as an original Theodoor Van Thulden as well as a photograph of the piece with the signature and seal of the appraiser.

Catalog # 1676
Size: 29 x 23" Frame 35-1/4 29-1/4 x 2-1/2"

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Theodoor Van Thulden (1606 - 1676)

Van Thulden was born in Bois-le-Duc in the Netherlands and was taught the craft of painting by a portrait artist in Antwerp. He was a pupil and later became a collaborator of Peter Paul Rubens. In 1926 he became a teacher in the Antwerp's Painters Guild and eventually he was dean of this fine institution. He was influenced greatly by the mannerist movement that he witnessed first-hand on a trip to France from 1631 to 1633. Among other collectors of Van Thuldens work is the Jean Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles California who house the oil on canvas "Athena and Pegasus" dated 1644.