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Soledad Tafolla

Soledad Tafolla is a Mexican artist born in Apatzingán, Michoacán, in 1958, known for her highly sensitive and emotional pictorial work. Tafolla began her artistic career in the 1980s and since then she has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Mexico and abroad.

One of the most recent exhibitions of Tafolla's work was announced by the Michoacán Ministry of Culture in 2018. The exhibition, titled "Soledad Tafolla: A Colored Path," was held at the Casa de la Cultura in Morelia and presented a selection of his most representative work. In it, she highlighted the handling of color and the technique of watercolor, which have been influenced by her home state of Michoacán, as well as by other Mexican artists such as Frida Kahlo and Alfredo Zalce.

Tafolla's work has been exhibited in important galleries and museums in Mexico and abroad, including the Arte Actual Mexicano Gallery. This gallery has highlighted the close relationship that Tafolla had with the Michoacan artist Alfredo Zalce, who was her teacher and mentor in her early years as an artist. Zalce's influence can be seen in Tafolla's work, especially in his handling of color and his watercolor technique.

In 2021, a new exhibition of the work of Soledad Tafolla was presented in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, at the Germán Gedovius Gallery. In this exhibition, recent paintings by the artist were exhibited, which stand out for her expressionist and symbolist style, with a strong emotional charge and a great capacity to transmit ideas and sensations through her paintings.

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