Pauline Pasilis
(1930 - 2009)

Pauline Pasilis was born on June 26, 1930. She began her art studies at the Stella Elkins School of Fine Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia and in the 1950's moved to NYC to study at the Art Students League and the Hans Hofmann School. In 1973 she lived in Israel where she worked for 15 years, exhibiting at the Horace Richter Gallery in the newly restored port of Jaffa and the Rehovot at the Beit Ha Tarbout. On a visit to Mexico in 1986, Pauline discovered the astounding beauty of San Miguel de Allende. From time to time she paints and exhibits there. Her first exhibition in San Miguel de Allende was at the Instituto Allende in 1998. This great colorist died in San Miguel on November 30, 2009.

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