Nicolas Enriquez

This master artist from the New Spain's colonial times is believed to have been born in Guadalajara in the early 1700's . It is known that he was actively working between the years of 1722 and 1770. In 1728 he and Jose de Ibarra form a group to found the Academia de Pintura in Mexico City which would be headed by the Rodriguez Juarez brothers. The "Gaceta de Mexico", an important periodical of the time mentions him twice citing his work as magnificent and even going so far as to point out it's hefty price tag. One of his most famous works in Mexico City include the eight panels of Scenes of the Passion, signed in 1768. Enriquez's work has been acquired by many institutions, among them the Escuela de Artes Plasticas, Museo Nacional de Historia and the Museo de Guadalajara.

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