Luis Ricardo Amendolla (1928 - 2000)

Luis Ricardo Amendolla Gasparo, born on March 30, 1928 is considered one of the best watercolor painters of the Modern Era in Mexico.

He achieved great status in the art world for his beautiful representations of landscapes and popular life where "El Tepozteco", one of his most notable works, became the symbol of Tepoztlan. This place became so important to him that he lived there for many years. According to his wife Sara Celis, his personal staple was the people and places that represented Mexican culture, and it was his daughter Gloria who was to be his model.

He was awarded for his work in Mexico and abroad. His artwork became known in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Guatemala, Japan, Korea as well as Mexico. In his spare time he would draw cartoons satirizing himself. His friends described him as a "bohemian at heart" and great artist.

His name is know to have been spelled Amendola and Amendolla although on his signature it always shows a double "ll".

He died in his home on the night of August 21 of 2000, from pneumonia.

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