Juan Eugenio Mingorance Navas (1906 - 1979)

Spanish painter born in Jaén in 1906. He started his art studies in Malaga with Cesar Alvarez Dumont and later with Antonio Muñoz Degrain. In this same city he won a Gold Medal for his work and held his first solo exhibition. He continued to study at the Escuela Superior de Pintura at the Adacemia de San Fernando in Madrid. He was awarded a pension at the Alhambra in Granada and in 1932 with the help of a grant by the Ministro de Instruccion Publica he went to Paris to study at the Fine Arts Academy where he lived until 1940. During the first half of the 1940's he lived in New York City where he held numerous exhibitions. He went to Mexico City in 1944, and during the 50's moved to the northern city of Monterrey. Here, he held many more exhibitions and was a collaborator and jury member at the Monterrey Salon organized by Arte AC. The first prize at this Salon bears Mingorance's name since 1960 in honor of this great artist. He also established a workshop with artists like Noemí Osuna, Aquiles Sepúlveda, Gerardo Cantú, Ignacio Ortíz and Héctor Carrizosa and painted various portraits of distinguished people such as José Andrade and Ernestina Garfias. Before his death in 1979 his work had circled the globe with exhibitions in Belgium, Argentina and Ireland. His work is now part of important private art collections as well as institutions such as the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal de Málaga, which opened in 2007.

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