Jose Agustin Arrieta (1802 - 1874)

Born in Santa Ana Chiautempan, Tlaxcala in the year of 1802. It is known that he lived in Puebla from childhood until his death and that he started painting at a very early age. Throughout his lifetime he became known for his works which gave people a glimpse of te customs and traditions of small mexican towns. His predominant theme was the popular ways and he would just as soon paint a leper, a woman selling "chia" drinks, servants, and circus people, all of whom were part of the popular culture in Mexico at the time. His most important works are: "Aguas Frescas Stands", "Inside a Pulqueria", "The Surprise" and "China Poblana". He painted still lives and also images of Santos and other religious themes to adorn various temples. In 1949 a Hall was opened with his name in the "Barrio del Artista" in Puebla and in Santa Ana Chiautempan a monument was erected in his honor in a garden which now bears his name. He died on December of 1874, after paving the way for the next generation of Mexican "Pintores Costumbristas".

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