Irma Guerrero (1956)

Born on August 10th, 1956 in Oaxaca. Studied fine arts at the Universidad Autonoma Benito Juarez. She was one of the promoters of the Taller de Artes Plasticas Rufino Tamayo and in the 1980's she studied printmaking techniques with Juan Alcazar. Her work has been shown numerous times in Oaxaca at the Instituto Tecnológico Regional in 1984, Galería Donají in 1992 and at the Casa de la mujer Rosario Castellano in 1993. She has also shown her work collectively throughout Mexico and abroad in galleries such as Galeria Misrachi in Mexico City, Mary Moore Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Coronado Art Gallery in San Diego, CA, Stone Press Gallery, in Seattle WA, the Missoula Art Museum in Montana among other shows in Seoul, the Philippines, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Canberra and Buenos Aires.

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