Heliodoro Hernandez

Heliodoro Hernández, born in 1963, is a renowned artist whose life and work take place in the Huasteca region of Mexico, an area that stands out for its richness in traditions and cultural fusions. His art is the result of a mixture of different roots: the magic and rhythm of the black, the mysticism, poetry and romanticism of the Indian, and the idealism and fantasy of the white. All this is combined in this magical place full of color, nature, sun and sea.

He began his art studies at different institutions in Mexico, such as San Carlos and La Esmeralda, to later expand his training at the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona. Subsequently, he continued his studies at Hayter's Atelier 17 in Paris and with K. Ready in New York, where he acquired a refined technique and an innovative graphic concept.

Heliodoro Hernández began his first exhibitions in galleries and art centers in Mexico, such as San Carlos, Polifórum Cultural Siqueiros, Lanai, Teorema and the University of the Americas, among others. In addition, he made trips abroad, which allowed him to explore new techniques and refine his artistic expression. His presence in galleries such as Avril, López Quiroga, Misrachi, Almer and Diez Diez became constant.

He stood out at the National Tapestry Biennial in Mexico, where he incorporated mixed techniques on the high smooth loom, obtaining first place in production. His resulting work was exhibited at the Rufino Tamayo Museum and became part of the Fine Arts collection. In addition, he received the acquisition prize at the Ibero-American Biennial of Serial Art in Seville, Spain, and joined the Salón de la Gráfica Contemporánea.

Internationally, Heliodoro Hernández has exhibited in renowned places such as the Ridoto del Teatro Delle Erbe in Milan, Italy, the IP Gijon in Spain, Praxis in Peru, Hobar Gallery, T.B. Wilson, Beverly Dale Art Gallery and Art Fox Gallery in the United States.

Parallel to his artistic career, Hernández has taught at various institutions in Mexico, such as San Carlos (UNAM), the "La Esmeralda" School of Painting and Sculpture, the University of the Americas, the University of the New World and the University of Mexico's valley. In addition, he has taught courses in different places both in Mexico and abroad, including Barcelona, Spain; Berlin Germany; Los Angeles and San Francisco, United States, among other prestigious centers.

Currently, Heliodoro Hernández is dedicated to the production of painting, sculpture and engraving, both in original formats and in designs and decorations for hotels, residential buildings and architectural projects, both privately and professionally. His main techniques include oil, sculpture and engraving.

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