Ernesto Icaza (1866 - 1926)

Ernesto Icaza Sánchez Colomo was born in Mexico City in 1866. He was a notable painter of charros and an expert in the field of ranching and charreria. It's not known whether he had any formal training as a painter and it is thought that he might have been a self taught artist or autodidact. In the decade of the 1910's, he produced nine murals for the Hacienda la Cofradia near Aculco, in central Mexico. The murals at the Cienega del Rincon, near Lagos de Moreno in Jalisco are attributed to his hand also. But most of his work is now in the hands of collectors and museums like the Museo de la Charreria in Mexico City and Museo de Historia Mexicana in Monterrey. There has been controversy as to the date of his death with some citing 1935 as the year but most experts agree that he died in Mexico City in 1926.

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