Chyrl Lenore Savoy (1944)

Born on May 23, 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She earned her B.A. in Fine Arts at the Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, where she studied sculpture with Armin Scheler. During 1966 and 67 she moved to Florence where she studied clay sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti. In 1970 she earned a Masters in Fine Art from the Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She has exhibited her work since 1970 and has been awarded several important awards such as the Individual Exhibition Award, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, Louisiana, "Biennial Exhibition of Artists of the Southeast and Texas," Isaac Delgado Museum of Art (1971), and Honorable Mention, "Thirteenth Annual Piedmont Painting and Sculpture Exhibition," Mint Museum of Art (1973). Savoy currently holds a position as Instructor in Fine Arts at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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